House Cleaning
Everyone deserves a clean house!

  1. DUST - Ceiling fans, light fixtures, all surfaces and window sills

  2. KITCHEN - Wash dishes/put away, countertops, cabinet faces (as needed), appliances (exterior only)                                        

  3. BATHROOMS - Full clean of toilets, bath/shower, vanity/sink, mirrors and  floor

  4. GLASS - Any exterior doors with glass in them, inside of kitchen sink window

  5. FLOORS - Vacuum, sweep/mop floors, dust baseboards

  6. TRASH - All wastebaskets emptied and liners replaced

BuildingWorx supplies all cleaning products unless otherwise agreed upon.

We try to use all eco-friendly products and micro-fiber cloths.

Homeowners supply trash bags.


Refrigerator/freezer interior

Interior and Exterior of windows

Cleaning of blinds

Laundry (wash, dry, fold)

Patio and Patio furniture

Pressure Washing

Garage swept & cobwebbed

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